Batch Rename Pictures

I wrote a Python 3 script to rename photo files with the timestamp that they were taken.

I recently converted out of Evernote and in that conversion process I ended up with a handful of PDFs that I would like to run optical character recognition (OCR) on. This function makes the PDF searchable. I had something like 250 PDFs at this point in which I needed to apply OCR. That is not an insignificant task and it definitely was worth the effort to figure out a way to do this in a batch process.


Converting Out of Evernote

I have been using Evernote for some time and when I first started using it it seemed to be the easiest way to scan documents and have them searchable. It runs a process called OCR or optical character recognition on the images that it stores with the note. With changes at Evernote, it seemed like it might be worth entertaining the idea of finding a different platform to store my documents.

I have been using Gatsby since July of 2016. After seeing a presentation on isomorphic/universal reactjs, the bug had finally bit me hard enough. I had to get into Reactjs, and then eventually lead to Gatsbyjs. This is the story.

My Masters Thesis, circa 2011, was titled Load Distribution and Load-Deflection Behavior of Hooked Reinforcing Bars Loaded in Tension. Included is the abstract and link to the full document.


Our Firstborn

We had a beautiful baby girl! It gives you some perspective on life.


Gmail Productivity Hacks

There are a few ways that I constantly strive for inbox zero. I hope that you may find some of these useful in your battle of the inbox.


On Las Vegas Travel

I had a few days of remaining vacation, and the wife had off for a week. What better place to kill a weekend+ of vacation? Except we are not gambling people nor do we prioritize drinking. Odd place to go then, right?

data science

Choropleth on d3v4

Things about the choropleth.


Loan Efficiency Calculator

This calculator assists in running the numbers on loan overpayment and how that affects your interest paid and time to final payment.


Steel Compression Calculations

Putting together some functions to run the compression calculations from the steel manual.


Gmail Archive and Unread

Fix the OCD by marking archived emails from unread to read in Gmail.


A Living Blog

A new beginning to delivering content and math.