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evolving tasks

I think the tl;dr is that I want to use tasks within obsidian because it allows me to evolve them. By that, I mean that I can take a checklist item and link / create a new note when I start working on the task and task notes / write about it as I work on it. As it nears or reaches completion, it will likely be in a place that it can serve as a note or continue to be evolved into an article. For me, once it reaches "note" status, I am already thinking about putting it on my website (ala digital garden). All of that is to say, if I want to use tasks in obsidian, I would like a bit of a dashboard so tasks don't get lost.

I don't know if I would quite say whiteboard interview. It does depend a bit on the context too. But like, take enough notes for yourself that you can reproduce things. It makes it easier for you to stop and come back to it, or hand it off / ask for help. If you can say, these are the steps I did with screenshots, it gives someone a lot of context to reproduce the issue you are having.

But yea, you aren't shifting your content every time you "evolve" it. So you don't need to make the decision "should I move this out of my TODO app into X place" every. You just keep adding to it.

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See [[digital garden]]