This content is in progress and is expected to continue to evolve.

Setting Up A Mac

We have lots of things to install!



  • [[Homebrew]]
  • [[Volta]] (via brew install volta)
  • [[Starship]] (via brew install starship and installed in shell via their instructions)
  • [[vscode]]
    • download from website and drag into applications folder
    • login to sync settings
    • Install shell command, in Command Palette via Cmd+Shift+P, type shell command
  • [[rust]] via rustup
  • [[iterm2]] with [[oh-my-zsh]] (homebrew and curl script from website, respectively)
  • [[alicritty]] (eventually, not easy to install on apple silicon) with [[Nushell]] (using zsh profiles and control+command+T)
  • FireCode + NerdFont Glyphs brew tap homebrew/cask-fonts then brew install --cask font-fira-code-nerd-font
  • [[xcode]] and command line tools (CLT) via xcode-select --install
  • [[Github]] CLI: [[gh-cli]]
  • Chezmoi via [[chezmoi dotfile management]]


  • [[discord]] ( rosetta build only, see )


  • [[1Password]] (installed from App Store)
  • Configure git to access [[Github for cloning by https via PAT]]
  • install [[Keybase]] to handle gpg signing through CLI
  • setup [[Git Commit Signing]] using [[Keybase]] CLI