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publishing draft articles

the why

There is great value in reducing the amount if friction in pushing content out. A bit of content will never be truly perfect and using that as a metric to publish will be an obstacle. That is one of the reasons that some personal sites have three posts all "restarting" the blog each two years apart.

After that dose of reality, a [[digital garden]] is a great way to think about publishing. The value is getting your content out there with the expectation (for both you and viewers) that there is always room to improve it and that it provides value already in it's current form.

the how

I use [[obsidian]] to handle my writing. It allows me to write while at my computer or on my phone. I am actually writing this on my phone, laying on the couch, with my daughter sleeping on my chest.

This site can handle markdown directly so I just need to fetch it in the site generator. I can use fetch directly while building, so we only need an API with my content.

Obsidian has some options for services, but I hadn't found enough value in them to set this up. It was much more convenient for my to sync my notes via Google Drive.

I have mine synced in Google drive, a Google script written to return them, and my site pulls them in through that "API". I push to netlify through a Github action that uses the netlify-cli. That can be kicked off a few ways via webhook or Github cli.

See [[digital garden]]