This content is in progress and is expected to continue to evolve.


The SENSE board is from a solo electronics enthusiast. It has a handful of sensors that we are looking to use.

BME688 (I2C)

Measure temperature with ±1.0 °C accuracy, humidity with ±3% accuracy, barometric pressure with ±1 hPa absolute accuracy, and altitude with ±1 meter accuracy. Can output IAQ, VOC, and equivalent CO2 with Bosch library.

APDS9960 (I2C)

Return how close object is to sensor, amount of red, blue, green, and clear light, and detect simple gestures (left to right, right to left, up to down, down to up).


Microphone pulse density modulation output. Can output decibels using example.

PCF8523 (I2C)

Provides year, month, day, weekday, hours, minutes, seconds and 100th seconds based on a 32.768 kHz quartz crystal.


Log data onto a micro SD card.


Easy use of I2C sensors.


It seems that all of the sensors that we care about are accessible via the I2C interface. We are looking to connect it to a [[raspberry pi 0 + eInk display]], but all of the GPIO pins are occupied by the Inky Impression eInk screen connected to it as well.

It seems that we are going to need to make this connection via another board that pipes the I2C Qwiic connector through USB. There is a note that to get the more detailed AQI, VOC and CO2 numbers that it requires an Arduino and the boschsensortec/bsec-arduino-library. That appears to have binaries now for the RPI0 though.

The second SENSE board that we have will likely be a different configuration that is TBD.