Rapid Prototyping: A Sustainable Design Aid

3D Printing Research Back in 2009

Ecotect Daylighting Analysis

I researched the applicability of creating a Revit model, running daylighting analyses and exporting the colored model to be 3D printed in color.

The purpose of the research was to explore the feasibility of performing energy analyses early in the design stage of building. This has become much more commonplace since my research. Utilizing computer programs simplifies and expedites the energy modeling process. Energy modeling was examined to determine the ease of use and feasibility of using such a device to help designers understand the priorities behind passive design. A visual, as well as a textual, analysis can be performed and used to help educate not only designers but the client. Using rapid prototyping, a striking visual model can be created to help convey the energy efficiencies as well as the architectural highlights of the building.