Our Firstborn


Having a baby is event filled. I am rather enjoying it despite the newly erratic sleep schedule. It is an interesting challenge. She is basically giving a constant stream of initially unintelligible data. As time goes on, you start to pick up on specific snippets of code in the matrix.

We are at that stage where she is starting to respond to input. Those feelings when she smiles at you or scoots closer to you. I think I tend to prefer children that you can talk to and communicate with. However, I am growing to love these non-verbal bits of fatherhood.

I have changed plenty of dirty diapers. (Not nearly as many as the wife, thanks babe!) Held her when she was crying. Teased smiles out of her. Cuddled with her on the couch until she falls asleep. Loving every bit of it. I now truly understand when someone says they do all the things for these little rascals.